Learn How To Make Roman Shades

Jenny T.'s MakingRomanShades.com is a fun and creative system for teaching you how to make professional quality roman shades – including step by step video tutorials and detailed illustrated instructions that go hand in hand.

Now it's easy to learn how to make your very own designer roman shades! Read below for full feature descriptions, FAQ videos and examples of roman shades using Jenny T.'s MakingRomanShades.com.

Discover How YOU Can Learn

To Make Roman Shades Easily and Effortlessly…

MakingRomanShades.com is an online learning system that can show ANY level of sewer now only how to sew professional quality roman shades BUT also show you how to install your roman shades and hardware.

The best part is, it’s easy to use. Just login, click on the style of roman shade you want to make, print the instructions if you want, watch the videos and within minutes you’ll be on your way to hanging amazing roman shades on all your windows.

Features Include:
  • Step by Step Video Tutorials
    You will have unlimited access to detailed step-by-step videos for 3 different styles of roman shades. Jenny T. will show you exactly how to sew and install a flat roman shade, a slatted roman shade and a hobbled roman shade.
  • Downloadable Illustrated Instructions
    You can download step-by-step illustrated e-books for 6 different styles of roman shades. Learn how to make flat, slatted, hobbled, relaxed, butterfly and london roman shades!
  • Easy To Use Members Area
    Watching your videos couldn’t be easier! Simply log into your members area, click on the style of roman shade you want to make… then download your instructions and click on the video chapters. Easy!

“…the best I’ve seen on making shades.”


I must say…your Roman Shades e-book is absolutely fabulous!! The step-by-step instructions and easy to follow diagrams are the best I’ve seen on making shades. Now, even sewing beginners can save money by applying the simple techniques you’ve outlined.

Thank you for creating such an inspiring and thorough resource.

Michael Holland


  • Roman shade patterns for different style roman shades.
    There are tons of instructions out there online right now that will show you how to make a very basic roman shade… but what if you want to interline your roman shade… or make a specific style like a hobbled roman shade or a slatted roman shade?
  • Roman shade instructions that literally do the math for you.
    If you’re like most people, you avoid doing window treatments because of the math. I don’t like doing math either! Roman shades require you to figure out pleat spacing, yards of fabric, lift cord spacing… yuck! The instructions should make this process so simple, that you don’t have to do any math at all.
  • Friendly, beginner-style language,
    so that ANYONE can be successful at sewing roman shades… no matter what level sewer you are.

” Your Book Gave Me Confidence”

Dear Jennifer,

You and your books are fabulous! I was so skeptical about the roman shade book. After all, everyone says they are easy and there are a zillion “free” instructions out there. Funny how none of them made me grab a measuring tape and then run to the hardware store!

The difference is your book gave me confidence. Now I am envisioning new windows all over the house!

Elizabeth Harrington

“It was a very comprehensive guide, especially compared to all the other free sites i saw on the web”

I watched all the videos as soon as I purchased it last night and printed off the blind I wanted to make. It was a very comprehensive guide , especially compared to all the other free sites i saw on the web. I am looking forward to making my first blind shortly.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,


Become A Premium Member Today

  • Each video series shows me – Jenny T. – making a roman shade using the exact same illustrated instructions you printed.
  • The video series is broken down by chapter
    so, say you’re reading chapter 7 in the How To Sew A Hobbled Roman Shade e-book… and you need a little more visual guidance. Well, then simply open and watch the video for chapter 7 and watch me – Jenny T. – “play out” that chapter.
  • I made mistakes when I made my roman shades for these videos.
    Common mistakes… mistakes that you may make. I show you how I adjust my process to fix these mistakes… and help you to avoid making major “unfixable” mistakes. These details are priceless… and no where else are you going to see this kind of live case study for making roman shades.
  • They’re online right now, so that you will get to watch them immediately!

Watch this video to get a sneak peak of the premium members’ area:

“I LOVE your videos and instructions on making roman shades!”

Robbie Manning

“…all the instructions we could need in clear consise writing. “

I found this book while searching for a pattern. A friend ask me if I knew how to make roman shades, and my reply was, “No, but surely we can figure it out.”

I told her I would look and find a pattern and that I would try it out for a window in my house before we did her formal living room.

I found this book and bought it….within seconds, we have all the instructions we could need in clear consise writing.

After reading the book and getting all the wonderful e-mails from Jennifer, I was ready to tackle this project. I found it so easy to follow and refer back to with questions!

A must have for someone who likes to decorate and make projects! Jennifer is great about sending e-mails with helpful hints and tips! Love the book!

<A Review Out On Amazon.com>

Oklahoma City, OK

Start Learning How To Make Your Very Own Roman Shades Today

As a Premium Member of “How To Make Roman Shades“,you get:

  • Individual step-by-step illustrated instructions for making flat roman shades, hobbled roman shades, slatted roman shades, london shades, butterfly roman shades and relaxed roman shades.
  • Detailed step by step video tutorials
    that have me – Jenny T. – actually sewing the roman shade style of your choice.
  • Fun and easy to use online calculators that do all the math for you… cut measurements, number of pleats, ring spacing, lift cord spacing and fabric yardage.
  • The confidence you need to start sewing your roman shades today!

“Thanks for putting complete directions with diagrams together that anyone can follow

Dear Jennifer,

I’m going to sit down get started on making my first roman shade!

I finally think I have directions that are easy to understand, and am looking forward to reading it and following the text and diagrams to hanging up my first shade. I will let you know how is goes and how it turned out.

Thanks for putting complete directions with diagrams together that anyone can follow. Hope to finish by Sunday- thanks for asking.

Beth Cernuska


“…my results were amazing, professional looking results! “

I ordered this book, made 2 shades the next day, and since then have purchased my materials to make 9 more shades for my patio room.

Nothing could be clearer and more precise than this book. I’ve never attempted something like this before and my results were amazing, professional looking results!

I never thought I could handle making something like this, but you made it extremely simple.

Thank you so much, your book was wonderful.

Kay Hurley

I Am Here To Help YOU

But listen… I’m not perfect. Even after reading through all the material and watching the videos… you may still have questions. And I am here to help! You can contact me via email at anytime, as many times as you’d like, to get your questions answered. I am committed to your success. I wouldn’t go through all this trouble if I didn’t want to see you successfully make professional quality roman shades.

How Amazing Would It Be If You Could

Make the Roman Shades of Your Dreams

And Literally Save THOUSANDS?

You can gain instant access right now to SIX complete step by step illustrated ebooks… one for each style of roman shade.

PLUS step by step video tutorials that go hand-in-hand… chapter-by-chapter… with the three of the ebooks (Flat, Hobbled and Slatted). Yes! You can have instant and unlimited access to your ebook and video right now… completely risk free.

Click here if you already know that you want to join How To Make Roman Shades

Okay, So What’s the Value
for This Incredible Resource?

Understand that it took me 6 months just to write the ebooks for each style of roman shades. This doesn’t include the 6+ years of testing my techniques with readers and asking people just like you what they want in a how-to manual.

Plus I’ve spent almost 12 months creating step by step videos that show you how to sew different styles of roman shades PLUS all the extra how-to videos that show you special sewing techniques.

If you were to hire someone to make custom roman shades for you, it would cost you over a thousand dollars for one window. If you were to hire me to teach you the exact information on this web site, you would be paying easily $1000.

I hope at this point you are as excited about all of this exciting information as I am! And here’s some info that will make you jump up and down with joy… hold onto your seat… access to How To Make Roman Shades is only $7 / month… with your first month FREE!!

If you want to learn how to easily make roman shades for your windows.

If you want to save literally thousands of dollars in paying a professional to make the custom window treatments you want.

If you’re simply frustrated with the making roman shade resources available today that lack the details you need… then this information is critical to your home decorating success.

YES! You Will Be Successful At Making Roman Shades

or I’ll Refund Your Purchase

“Get started making Roman Shades in the next five minutes…”

The choice is yours: You either want to learn how to make amazing roman shades to decorate your home or you don’t. If you don’t, good luck with whatever it is that you choose to do.

But if you’re serious about making your own roman shades, then you really only have one choice.

Invest the $7. You’ve literally got NOTHING to lose. But remember…

… the longer you wait, the longer your windows will stay bare or have those ugly cheap store bought curtains… wishing you had roman shades that would make your home look professionally decorated. Completely unnecessary.

So get started right now! Click on the link below. You will be brought to SimpleSewingProjects.com where all of my sewing patterns and videos live now.! Not only will you have immediate access to all of your roman shade videos and instructions… you’ll have unlimited access to ALL of my patterns. This is an awesome deal.

Become a member of SimpleSewingProjects.com for only $7/month… and get your first month FREE!

Remember: If you’re not thrilled with “How To Make Roman Shades”, just let me know within the next 90 days, and pay nothing. You’ll receive instructions to login into your membership site, directly to your email inbox, in the next five minutes.

Happy Sewing!

Jenny T.

P.S. If you want to make Roman Shades… if you want to save thousands of dollars... if you are ready to start decorating your windows with fabulous roman shades, the only way you can be successful is to learn from someone who’s already done it.

P.P.S. Don’t forget, when you join today you’re going to get access to amazing step by step video tutorials and downloadable patterns to help you become a true roman shade making professional. Become a member of SimpleSewingProjects.com for only $7/month… and get your first month FREE!

P.P.P.S. Remember your satisfaction is guaranteed. You will be on your way to successfully making roman shades and hanging them on your window. Take action right now and you’ll be logging into your membership site to start watching and learning within the next 5 minutes!

The truth is you DON’T have to be a professional seamstress or a sewing master to sew professional quality roman shades that look like you paid a professional a TON of money.

And here’s proof…

Just look at these amazing roman shades

that individuals just like YOU made

using the same step-by-step techniques

I’m about to share with you.

Amazing Wide Roman Shade

sewing roman shades

One of my customers graciously sent me this photo of their gorgeous roman shade he made for their french doors. Awesome job!

Stephen Minor

“I’ve avoided making Romans for years…”

sewing roman shades

“Jennifer Thoden’s directions and videos were incredibly helpful to this Roman shade neophyte. I’ve avoided making Romans for years because of the hardware.

Having watched the videos and having read her directions closely, I was amazed at how easy this project was! As Jen suggested, I used the orbs to tweak the cord tension; however, I did the finally tweaking at the cord pull as I found that easier. Another success for Jennifer Thoden!”

Dottie Foote


“Not Bad For A First Try”

sewing roman shadesEllen Stay – an ultimate beginner – followed the clear instructions found in the How To Make Roman Shades e-book and made these beautiful red silk roman shades. Wow!

Here’s what she wrote: “Here are some photos of the shades I made for my dining room. They’re dark red silk, and I added beaded trim. Not bad for a first try, huh?

Thanks again for the excellent guidance. Ellen ”

“I couldn’t be happier!”

making roman shadesPatricia Neeland – Followed the step by step instructions found in the How To Make Roman Shades e-book and made these amazing roman shades. Beautiful!

Here’s what she wrote: “Jennifer, I must say, I really am impressed with your website. I was searching for some ideas for a shade when I found it quite by accident. I started Saturday morning and was done by one in the afternoon. I will certainly order from you in the future. I saved so much time and I am so pleased. I couldn’t be happier! ”

“The perfect project for a long winter weekend!”

sewing roman shades

“Hi Jenny –

Thank you for the wonderfully simple-to-follow directions for the roman shades. Here are some pics of the shades I made — the perfect project for a long winter weekend!

Thanks again!


“My First Attempt Was A Success”

sewing roman shadesMarjory had great success at making extra wide roman shades following the step-by-step guide.

Here’s what she wrote: “My first attempt at Roman shades was a success. Here is a picture. I am very happy with the final product. Thank you for all the help and instruction in your book. It saved me a lot headache, I’m sure.


Decorator Style Roman Shades

how to make roman shades

Ellen Morgan made these stunning slatted roman shades with a shaped bottom hem.

Yes! “How To Make Roman Shades” shows you how to make these amazing roman shades!

I love the tassels at the tips of these.

A Rod Pocket Awning Roman Shade

how to make roman shades

Adrianna took all the easy instructions in How To Make A Roman Shade and applied them in a VERY creative way… making this awning. It’s essentially a rod pocket roman shade… and she inserted the awning bar through the weight rod casing. Brilliant!

Here’s what she wrote: “Jennifer:

I just wanted to send this photo of the awning shade that I did in my kitchen. With the skills I learned from making the roman shade, thanks to your guide, this window dressing was super easy. I still have one more to make for my front door, but I am still waiting on material. I will send a photo of that one once it is complete. Again, thank you for all of your help.

Adrianna Gernon Eschete”

Become a member of SimpleSewingProjects.com for only $7/month… and get your first month FREE!